The National Association of Lead Nurses in ECT (NALNECT) was formed in 2002 to represent nurses working in ECT departments within England, Northern Ireland and Wales. NALNECT is a non-profit making organisation.

Our aims are:

  • To provide expert knowledge, information and advice on all matters relating to ECT practice
  • To provide a forum for the provision of evidence-based practice in ECT
  • To promote the provision of local Special Interest Groups and to enable every ECT clinic to be represented
  • To work collaboratively with the ECT Accreditation Service (ECTAS)
  • To facilitate and promote ECT Nurse education
  • To network with the RCN, RC-Psych, Scottish Audit Network (CONECT) and other appropriate national bodies


  • NALNECT believes that all people who use our services should  be treated as individuals and welcomes any contribution and opinion made by them
  • NALNECT believes that ECT is one of a variety of beneficial treatments available and should be viewed as part of a holistic process
  •  NALNECT believes that ECT nurses are specialist practitioners

For more information, please contact ECTAS for local Special Interest Groups details.